Shaftesbury Cricket Club was formed before 1850 making it one of the Country’s oldest continuous cricket clubs. With both senior and youth sections there is more cricket played in Shaftesbury today than at any time in the Town’s long and illustrious history!

The club relocated to a new ground just outside the town when the lease on the previous ground expired. It is totally reliant on the income from its members and local sponsorship to meet the cost of providing the facilities. Running a successful club also relies on the goodwill and hard work of a small number of dedicated volunteers, who give up time to ensure everything is ready and available. Running a youth team is also reliant on the mum’s and dad’s ferrying the players around the district to games and training sessions. Thank you to all those who continue support both the Youth and Senior Clubs.

The club has three ECB Level 2 qualified coaches and two ECB qualified Coach Assistants. It has been developing its Youth Section over the past 8 years and has seen players come through the junior sides to now flourish in the senior teams. Shaftesbury Youth Cricket run teams which play in the North Dorset Cricket Association (NDCA) Youth Cricket Leagues. The main aim is to get children playing cricket and wanting to play however in resent years the development of the team has yielded success.

2012 – NDCA U9 League Champions
2013 – NDCA U11 League Runners Up
2013 – NDCA U15 League Runners Up
2014 – NDCA U11 League Champions
2015 – NDCA U13 League Runners Up
2015 – NDCA U13 Cup Runners Up
2016 – NDCA U13 Indoor Champions
2016 – NDCA U13 Indoor Runners Up
2016 – NDCA U13 League Champions
2016 – NDCA U15 League Runners Up
2016 – NDCA U13 Cup Winners
2016 – NDCA U15 Cup Runners Up
2016 – Ranston Evening League Champions
2016 – Ranston Evening Cup Winners

2017 – NDCA U15 League Champions
2017 – NDCA U15 Cup Winners
2017 – Dorset Cricket League Division 4 Runners-up
2017 – Ranston Evening League Champions
2017 – Ranston Evening Cup Winners

For further details of both the Senior and Youth Cricket, please browse the site or if you have a question, please get in touch.

2016 End-of-Year Newsletter