Shaftesbury Enter the New “TT25” in 2017

This year, Shaftesbury Cricket Club will be entering a team into the new Dorset TT25 League. This competition has been designed to emphasise “The Spirit of Cricket” and encouraging 14+ & 50+ returning to the game. The following has been set out by the Dorset Cricket Board:

  • 25 Overs per innings (and a tea break)
  • Flexible start times and days played
  • Encouraging 14+ 50+ and returning players to play
  • Rules have been designed to give everyone a game
  • Dads, Lads and family members of all ages can play
  • Coaches encouraged to play
  • The Spirit of Cricket will be central
  • Games have been regionalised to avoid lots of travelling
  • Wides and No-Balls are not re-bowled to speed up matches
  • Senior players(over 18) retire at 30 but can come back in. Others retire at 50
  • Can be played on grass or artificial

More information and the 2017 fixtures can be viewed by clicking HERE

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